Organized Mess


For years I’ve kept my makeup as organized as possible. The more I organized the more I felt I could buy; that’s what it’s all about, right?! Well, all of that makeup left me in a deep dark hole of so much makeup and so little room for storage. Not to mention, over the years I have had the joy of moving from place to place. I am in constant need of figuring out a way to store all of my goods so they are easy to grab and use when needed.

I recently made a trip to my sister’s house and happened to be in her bathroom and noticed something different. The clear storage shelving for all of her beauty products. Whoa! I was actually blown away by the sleekness and organization of it all and, no lie, I instantly ordered one for myself. I loved how it had enough drawers to hold all of my products that wouldn’t end up getting dusty (compared to being in a container on the counter) and it’s so clean and chic looking I can keep it on my bathroom counter, not to mention the quality is beyond what I could have imagined. I have honestly been looking for something this amazing for YEARS and I’m so glad I walked into my sister’s bathroom, y’all!

What is your favorite way to organize your makeup?

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