That High Half Pony Life


I rarely do much with my hair. The only routine I’ve ever gotten into with my hair is I wash it the night before, blow it out, and then wait till the next morning to style. I have naturally wavy hair, so I love to throw some curls in and keep it loose and fun. That’s it!

Less is more when it comes to my hair sometimes. I have really thick hair, which I’ve learned over the years is a blessing and a curse. I mainly wear by hair down just because I just don’t know what else to do with it. I tend to just flip it back and forth throughout the day and let it run wild.

Years ago, I was watching an episode of the Kardashian’s (yes, don’t judge me), and I saw where one of the hairstylist’s used this little trick to get a higher pony. Who wouldn’t want that?! I was so intrigued that from then on I was all about. Now, as I watch certain shows on tv (Housewives epsecially), they’re all doing it. So I’m in!

I start with the essentials: A thin hair-tie, two bobby pins, and a teasing brush. I then take the bobby pins and attach them onto the hair-tie. The way the bobby pins anchor into the hair help make the pony high without budging.


 I decided to do a half up, half down look. I sectioned off the top part and anchored the first bobby pin on the top, in the center, preparing to go around the pony. I then go around the pony with the elastic till I can’t anymore and secure the second bobby pin in the back, under the pony, sticking it all the way in. I then take my teasing brush and tease the “s” out of the my hair, especially the pony, to get that volume pumped up. The messier the better!



Tada! It takes five minutes and your pony is going to be on point ALL DAY.


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