Top Faves Friday: Neutral Lipstick


If it were a crime to have too many lipsticks or glosses, guilty as charged. How many is too many when it comes to lipstick? I just need options, ok!

Lipstick is one of those items that you just can’t get enough of. Lipstick can change the whole trajectory of your day. Whether it be a first date with the guy you’ve been eyeing, your boss reminded you of  your powerpoint presentation due tomorrow, or if your just in a funk that you CANNOT seem to bounce back from, handle it with some lipstick.

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together”- Elizabeth Taylor

I find myself to be a gloss lover year round. To me, there’s something about gloss that makes me feel myself. It gives any look a youthful and fresh aspect that lipstick alone can’t give. Don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of lipsticks I can’t live with out as well. From nude matte to flirty pink gloss, I have all the bases covered no matter what the makeup look calls for.

Here are a few of my all time fave neutrals and ones that I tend to reach for the most when desperate times call for desperate measures.


From L to R

NYX Crayon Lip Liner in Natural– This is one of my favorite lip liners. I’ve used many a lip liner in my day and this is one of the best. It goes on super creamy and blends nicely into the lipstick of choice. This color is the perfect shade to go with most of my lipsticks so I always stock up.

Mac Cosmetics Cremesheen Lipstick in Modesty– I use this color for my bridal makeups on the regular. I liked it so much on them, I had to have one for myself (and from the picture, I’ve used it all the way to a nub). It’s the perfect shade of pinky nude that it works great with every makeup look.

Mac Cosmetics Lustre Lipstick in Giddy– If you’ve seen me lately, I most likely have this color on. This is up there with Modesty as being one of my favorites everyday lipsticks. I love the combo of the NYX Natural lip liner and this pinky tone to give my lips a sexy, elegant appeal. I wore this color on my wedding day and it made me feel so confident and girly.

Mac Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Mehr– This has definitely been a Winter favorite. I like to switch it up and wear more mattes in the Winter and shimmery glosses in the Spring/Summer. This color is a perfect rosey, neutral matte that even when it starts to fade throughout the day, it gives the lips a natural look. Another plus of a matte, they last so a long time. I hardly have to reapply when I’m out with a matte lipstick on. Winning!

Tarte H2O Gloss in Room Service– When I wear a gloss, I feel super sexy. I love a good gloss, y’all! A gloss always makes the lips look youthful, plump, and this gloss does just that. I found this line on a trip to Sephora with one of my girlfriends. I figured I’d try it out and maybe wear it every once in a while. I didn’t realize I’d fall for this gloss and actually finish one bottle and purchase another. The formula is thicker and the color is deeply pigmented and lasts for hours. This is one gloss I keep in my purse to use whenever I want to get a little pep in my step.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15– This is a must have in my purse or beach bag. I use the clear formula, but I do love the Rose tinted color as well. This is great alone or under a lipstick to prevent the lips from drying out. It’s super moisturizing, long lasting, and doesn’t get weird after hours on the lips. I love wearing this at the beach because the added SPF keeps me protected all day long.


(wearing NYX lip pencil in Natural and Mac Cosmetics lustre lipstick in Giddy)




There’s just too many to talk about at once! Stay tuned for more of my favorite lip colors.





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