The VI Peel Precision Plus: My Thoughts

A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and decided to do the VI Peel Precision Plus. I am no virgin to this peel as I did a series of the original VI Peel’s before my wedding last year, and absolutely loved my results. The peel helps with texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and helps lift the melasma or hyper-pigmentation you may have. I ended up doing three peels (one a month for three months) and all I can say is my skin literally never looked better and I felt super confident about my skin walking down the aisle.

I have done a few laser treatments in the past and to be honest, I’d take a peel any day over it. Laser is one of those things, I feel, you’re either really into it or you’re just really not. You have to literally plan to not leave your house, prepare to look like a moon pie, and have your face completely shed off in a horror film type of way. Yes, your skin looks totally amazing after, but unless your a “real housewife”, who has time for this?

The VI Peel Precision Plus is the exact opposite. Yes, you still have a peeling moment, but it’s doable. Trust me! It’s less invasive where you aren’t quarantined to your residence, there’s zero swelling, AND the peeling happens super slow, but it’s nothing anyone can’t handle. Not to mention, if you do the peel on a Thursday, it’s perfect timing to peel over the weekend and no one knows! This time, I chose to do a step up from the original VI Peel to the VI Peel Precision Plus to really get in to the skin and help with pull my stubborn hyper-pigmentation to the surface to slough off.


I love the way my skin feels after these peels. The texture is more even, my laugh lines are smoother, and my sun spots are a touch lighter. My makeup goes on and doesn’t settle into my lines, that my sister loves to point out, which I have always despised. The only thing I wish this peel helped more with is my hyper-pigmentation. It is beyond stubborn and takes more than one peel to help combat it, but I’m not mad about having to do multiple peels.







I highly recommend this type of peel for anyone looking for a less invasive way to boost their skin needs and give them that little bit of confidence they’re wanting. All of these opinions are completely my own and I am not being compensated for any of these comments. I just really believe in this peel, y’all!

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