A “Reasonable” Foundation



Let’s have a heart to heart, shall we??

I hear it all the time from friends, clients, and those just interested in daily makeup, what is the best foundation out there? Well, to me it isn’t about what foundation is THE best. It’s about what foundation is the best FOR YOU. There are so many types of foundation that can help with every skin type. Yes, there are foundations that are made for TV and have a ton of coverage that could quite possibly cover the whole state of Florida MAC Studio Fix, but is it reasonable? No. Yes, there are foundations in powder form that go on with a brush and have a descent amount of coverage, until come five o’clock and have nothing to show for it Bare Minerals, is this reasonable? Hardly. We need one that’s juuuuust right, Goldilocks!

Don’t get me wrong, these are great brands that make an exceptional product and then some, but, to me, these aren’t for the daily wearing consumers. I get so many questions about why a client’s makeup isn’t lasting from day to night or why their makeup is cakey and breaking them out. It’s tricky. Of course, this situation could be caused by a less than perfect primer, buuuut a lot has to do with the perfect harmony of preferred foundation to skin needs.

The perfect foundation isn’t easy to find. From high end brands to coverage to long term promises, it’ll almost make your head spin. I always tell people to see how the foundation looks and feels throughout the day, take pictures, WEAR the makeup, and if it feels great and doesn’t budge, then winner winner chicken dinner. Also, do research on foundations that your interested in. A lot of the time, that celebrity brand foundation you’ve been salivating over actually may not live up to your skin expectations. I know for me, I love a medium to fuller coverage foundation like Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion and Fenty Beauty, so right off the bat, a powder foundation or anything marked “natural” or “light” coverage is out of the question. It’s just my thing, but this is good, because I know what I want and what my skin can handle at the rightful age of 33. I digress.

Foundation is one of those things that can, literally, make or break a makeup look. Heck, it can, LITERALLY, make or break your real life. I specifically remember my sister telling me I had waaay too much foundation one afternoon outside. This will stun you temporarily, and then, from that moment on, I knew to be conscience about my foundation as I put my face on in the morning. Also, it’s a blessing and a curse to have someone so honest in your life. Every girl needs that.


Happy Wednesday, y’all!

2 thoughts on “A “Reasonable” Foundation

  1. I totally agree–everyone has a different experience! I’m curious which foundations you feel check all the right “boxes” for you?

    1. I love the medium to fuller coverage foundations by aura Mercier. They make my skin fee Ike skin and any time I try to venture out I find myself back at this brand. I do love the coverage of Fenty foundation but you have to be super careful with the amount you use. I love a clean looking face to make my eyes shine.

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