Top Friday Faves: Black Eyeliner



I am a black eyeliner kinda gal. Always have been, always will. One time, I can specifically remember sneaking black eyeliner into my moms shopping cart, because I HAAAD to have it. Luckily, it got mixed in with other items on the checkout belt that we were buying. She didn’t notice and the rest is history.

There’s something about black eyeliner that makes a woman feel a certain way. For me, it boosts my confidence even on the lowest of days and gives my eyes the sultry, sexiness they need. Most clients of mine request black eyeliner in some form or another for their makeup look, to feel their very best.

There are so many black liners on the market these days, how do we choose the best brand, type, consistency for us? From pencils to gels to liquids, there’s something for everyone and everyone has their preference. I, personally, love using different types of eyeliners on the daily. Yes, this sounds crazy. Why not just choose one great eyeliner for everything and be done? Well, to me its not that simple. I feel like to each their own on this one, but I definitely NEED different types to get my makeup to stay through the day.

I first apply a waterproof eyeliner pencil to the waterline of the eye. This way, I have liner all day without budge and it helps define my lash line a little more. I then apply a gel liner with a thin, slanted brush to the top lash line and extend it to create a wing on the outer corner. I find that using a gel liner helps the product glide on with ease. A lot of women are intimidated with this technique, but I find it to be so easy and customizable. And, if it is uneven on one side, just take a bit of concealer and correct it rather than starting over. To finish off the liner portion of my look and make it more dramatic, I’ll go over the gel with a liquid line to intensify the black liner and help it really stand out. Liquid liner is unbelievably hard to handle, so this step helps control it better.

From top to bottom, these are my favorite black eyeliners right now:

  1. MAC Cosmetics Fluidline in Blacktrack– This is my favorite gel liner! It glides on smooth with a thin brush and stays all day. I love the consistency of the product and, honestly, I couldn’t tell you how many jars I’ve bought in my life. It’s that good!
  2. Sephora Collection Stylographic Fine Line liquid liner– I love using this over top of my gel liner. It’s a super thin felt brush that goes on smooth and not messy to intensify any eyeliner. I love this when I’m wanting to really glam up my eyes.
  3. Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel liner– This is a great eye liner when you love a gel consistency. It glides on with intense color and stays for 12-hours. I like to throw this on when I’m in a rush and don’t have time for my fluidine. I also love the fun colors it comes in. I love to get funky with the Out Of The Blue color which will be in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!
  4. Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof eyeliner– I recently picked this up when i was doing a quick makeup run and already I love it. It has a creamy texture that you can apply it super precise or use the sponge on the end to create a smudged, dramatic look. I love how it really stays till I remove my makeup at the end of the day.
  5. Makeup ForEver Aqua XL eyeliner– This is my go-to when I apply black eyeliner to my waterline. I have had a hard time finding an eyeliner that won’t get weird and start moving throughout the day until I found this one. It’s waterproof, which helps, and goes on clean and literally stays all day. I have also bought this one a few times and it is definitely a staple in any makeup bag.
  6. Sephora Collection Glide Liner– I’ve used this to the last drop. This liner gives a an awesome smoky eye look. It’s easy to smudge and stays when set. I wouldn’t try to get too precise as it’s a little difficult, but for the waterline and a dramatic look, this is your perfect eyeliner.


What are your favorite black eyeliners you can’t live without?

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