Feelin’ Blue



Well, hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and friends. Jeff and I had a rather full weekend including a Garth Brooks concert. Whaaat?! Yup. Even though I am still trying to catch up on my Z’s, I wouldn’t have changed this weekend with my favorite people for the world!

I don’t know about you, but I am excited for Summer to get here. The warmer weather, the fewer clothes, the bright colors…READY. I’m also excited for all the Summer season makeup and hair. Yes, this may sound crazy, but I have a whole different routine when the months get stifling here in Florida.

I have to completely change my daily makeup routine when the temperatures rise. Sunscreen is used on the daily, the foundation is darker, and primer is a must. I also, find myself getting creative with my eye makeup during these months. Of course, it is a lighter eye makeup application, but I love using fun colors and shimmers a little more. Why the heck not?

In anticipation for the Summer season, I came up with this look using the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eyeliner in Out Of The Blue. Its a matte cobalt color that I’ve come to love to add a subtle pop to my eyes. I start with a basic clean eye and add a nude toned eye shadow (like this one) along with an inner corner highlight (like this one) to keep the eye looking bright and smooth. I start to line the top lash line with the blue liner. I then use a thin slanted brush and add a little gel liner from the pencil to it to get a precise wing on the outer corner of the eye. I have to add my favorite Makeup ForEver Aqua XL liner (it’s waterproof and doesn’t budge all day) to the inner lash line to deepen the look of the lashes. I then apply a few layers of Urban Decay Perversion mascara on top and bottom and my eyes are complete. This is a fabulous way to incorporate color without the total commitment. Perfect for the woman who owns more black clothing than a black cat. Or pretty darn close to it.


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