Good Vibes Only


This isn’t one of my usual posts, but I felt inspired to talk about positivity and how important it really is. I recently came across a post from The Zoe Report on Instagram (I love their account as it always has really great inspiration) and it reminded me how much we all need to do this on the daily. No one day is the same, but let’s make each day better than the last. Why the hell not?!

I usually wake up early everyday to get my workout in, take the dog out, and make some coffee before my hubby wakes up. There’s something about having those moments to yourself early in the morning that tend to put my day on track. Though, like anyone else’s day, it can spiral and sometimes it feels as though the world is against you.

I try to find ways to fulfill my day from morning till night and keep positive vibes going throughout the day. With all the negativity in the world today, it can be hard. I’ve dealt with anxiety for years now. There’s nothing that quite describes it better than, it sucks.

I’ve found that taking a moment to take in the day with breathing exercises and meditation really seems to help my mental clarity. It’s helped me be more present when things can sometimes feel like they are out of control. It tends to bring me back to my center and feel more focused on the tasks at hand.

We live in a crazy, busy, judgy wudgy world and I think it’s always important to step back and find the positive in something. Even if it’s something so minute, it’s still something that brings YOU joy. We need to be more kind to ourselves and to also remember that we don’t always know what someone else may be going through. You never know, you may just make someone’s day with your uplifting, positive attitude.


Good. Vibes. Only.

Please, and thank you

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