The Pink Eyeliner That Will Change Your Makeup Game

I hope y’all had a great weekend! The hubs and I finally started packing up our apartment to move into our new home in Orlando! We’ve grown to love the big city of Orlando over the last year and all it offers (including great restaurants; we’re total foodies!). It’s been a long time coming and we’re so excited!

I recently have been in a makeup rut. I’ve been go go go lately (new house, crazy work schedule, etc) and, to me, I tend to do more simple makeup as the weather is stifling here in the Summer. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure this is the hottest Summer thus far. So, to give my eyes a little pizazz, I decided to use a colorful eyeliner. I love using a product as simple as an eyeliner to give my makeup a whole new vibe.

I recently picked up the new Make Up For Ever Artist pencil in a hot pink color and fell in love. These pencils can be used for eyes, lips, and brows however you see fit. They’re creamy and glide on super easy that it literally took me two minutes to do my eye makeup. Who doesn’t love that?! The strip of hot pink across the lash line was subtle yet impressive. Women were so intrigued and I received so many thoughtful comments. It totally inspired me and made my day.

What’re some ways you spice up your makeup??


Summer Makeup Vibes

Summer is upon us here in Florida and I’m loving every minute of it. Yes, it is blazing hot and requires me to take multiple showers a day, but I just can’t get enough of the longer days and fresh everything. It’s my favorite time of year.

This makeup is my go-to look for Summertime; most of all, because it’s easy. Summer is always the time of year I can get away with putting little to no effort into my look. Of course, I can’t imagine walking out of the house without a stitch of makeup on. In this case, I like to focus on my skin and make that the focal point of my look rather than a dramatic eye. A fresh, natural glow can actually be one of the hardest makeup looks to achieve. Making your makeup look like “I just woke up like this,” is challenging but yet doable. This time of year is the best time to practice this technique. I always love a good challenge so I love to see how I can improve on this.

Here’s a “barely there” makeup look I did a few weeks ago.






My Favorite Concealer and Why I May Never Turn Back

If there was one product I couldn’t live without on the daily, it would have to be concealer. I would throw down for concealer if it came down to it. I have been super insecure about my dark circles for as long as I can remember and it is something that I have had the hardest time trying to cover up. I feel as though I’ve tried every concealer under the sun to help with this issue with some no avail.

I’ve been a MAC Pro Longwear Concealer girl for years now. I do love this concealer. It covers nicely, the product is consistent, and the color matching is right on point, as they have ones for warm and cool toned skin. I just feel I’m in a concealer rut. I have always had a belief that our skin gets used to certain products and they don’t lay like they originally did; with this being said, I think it is necessary to switch up products every once in a while to refresh our look as our skin ages.

At a girl’s night out a few months back, my girlfriend Keira (she’s a fabulous blogger and you should check her out) mentioned she had been using the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer and raved about how much she was enjoying it. I was extremely intrigued and went ahead and ordered a pot.


The moment it came in, I shelved my MAC concealer and haven’t looked back. I have to say this concealer is one of the best I’ve seen. It goes on super smooth without creasing.  The texture doesn’t get cakey and thick either like some concealers tend to do. I chose the shade Custard which matches perfect with my olive skin tone. I apply it with my beauty blender and buff it into the skin all the way around the eye area. I also like to add a little concealer to my nose and chin since my allergies tend to make them a touch pink. I wear this all day and by the time I wash my face at night, it’s still covering my imperfections. Another plus, it’s been about two months since I purchased it and I have barely made a dent in the pot, so you do get your monies worth with this one.


What is your absolute favorite concealer?


Ready. Set. Workout.


Yes, I workout with my makeup on at times. Mostly, because I want a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, so I choose a night workout and by then I’m just getting home to feed the dog, change my clothes, and get out the door to get a decent workout in. Procrastinate much? But at least I’m moving no matter what, even if I’d LOVE to couch it with a glass of Grigio and some housewives. I digress.

The main point, I go to the gym with my makeup on and by the time I’m done (close to an hour later), my makeup looks pretty much the exact same. I like to make it a point that my brows, especially, don’t move which is my favorite part. How in the world do I make this happen? Setting spray. These days I do’t think I could live without it. Florida is getting hotter by the day (it’s only June people!), and the heat and sweat is not my best friend. As from a recent post, I’m a sweater. I can be outside for two seconds and already I have a sweaty upper lip. Yes, this is a thing. Setting spray has totally changed my makeup life.

Setting spray is the elixir for all makeup looks. I have come to the conclusion if you don’t use a setting spray, you might as well not apply makeup whatsoever. I can use a setting spray one day and not use it the next and it’s pretty unbelievable what a difference a good setting spray spritz will do. It’s like night and day. Without a spritz, my makeup looks cakey, splotchy, and I just don’t look as fresh as I did that morning. I get really discouraged with myself if my makeup doesn’t stay all day. You spend all this time and money on your makeup, just to have it fall off? Not havin’ it.

I’ve been using different brands of setting spray over the years. Some I’ve tried are super reliable while others can be too drying or don’t live up to the expectations. I’ve put some of the top setting sprays to the test and here are a few of my favorites:

urban decay ss

The Urban Decay All Nighter is one of my all time favorite setting sprays. I even have a regular size bottle and a travel bottle so I can keep it on hand when I travel. It keeps my makeup in place for 12+ hours without messing with my actual makeup look. It’s hydrating and my skin feels amazing all day long. Even after a workout. (see picture above)

nyx ss

I’ve kept this NYX Matte Finish setting spray in my kit for years. This spray is great for combatting any extra oil you may have. I like to recommend this product to my clients if they are on the oily side and tend to sweat more often than normal.  If you have normal to dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend this spray as it can be too drying and could possibly change the look of your makeup.

mac setting spray

Mac Prep+Prime setting spray is a great for every day use. It’s like a breathe of fresh air as it soothes the skin while giving it a boost of hydration. This can be used before your makeup application and/or after. Great if you happen to be on the dryer side, as this can leave the skin super moisturized and dewy feeling. The only con, it is on the the pricey side of setting sprays. To be honest though, I’ve been using this one for years on myself and my clients and it feels like such a luxury when I do.

elf setting spray

I’m a huge fan of Elf products, not just because they’re majorly affordable, but their products live up to the hype. This Elf Mist and Set spray is great for all skin types. It’s hydrating, but not overly moisturizing that it creates a sheen on the skin. Great setting spray at a great price!


What is your favorite setting spray?