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Hair Show 2019 Recap

Happy Tuesday, y’all! This weekend was amazing, but at the same time, kind of difficult getting back into the swing of things after the yearly vacation with the Oakley fam last week. Saturday was full of getting back into a routine at the gym and lounging, in that order naturally, along with a date night with my babe at BarTaco with their heavenly fresh tacos. We’re also on a margherita kick this Summer already and I’m not mad about it. Sunday, I had an all day shoot for a credit union in Gainesville, but it was awesome, because Steve Spurrier was involved and everything was right with the football world. If your a Florida Gator die hard, you get me.

Yesterday was the Premiere Orlando Hair Show and it was AH-mazing! I was so bummed I missed the rush of the Sunday key speakers, education classes, and overall hype, but today was still just as involved. I’ve only been going a few years now, but now I really look forward to seeing and learning everything from hair, skin, nails, makeup, and then some. Artists from around the country and some around the world come together and show off their mad skills of makeup, skincare, and most of all hair. I’m not a hairstylist, but some of these “do’s” that you see are unbelievable. I get all giddy like a two year old at Disney when I see all the fancy, over the top looks. And did I mention the attendees go allll out as well? People show up with their very best outfits, personal hair and makeup looks and I’ve never been more impressed.

If you follow my social media, you saw my Instagram stories of my day throughout the show and some pivotal moments that I couldn’t not document. Oh btw, in case you don’t follow my social media handles, you should to get everything beauty and not miss a thing. You can find me here and here, and thanks so much for the follow!

Here are a few of the moments I loved from the 2019 Premiere Hair Show


Hair Show! I took this photo late in the day, but I think my makeup held up great for the most part. Decided to wear my all time Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation, Benefit Foolproof Brow powder, and my new favorite NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer


A makeup/hair competitor with her model. This picture doesn’t do it justice. This girl created an amazing work of art.


My favorite keynote speaker today. Daniel Mason Jones is an amazing speaker and makes you feel like your on the right path. He also makes you feel like your besties on another level. Love him.


Gel Acrylic now comes in all these crazy colors which I loved the display this booth had for them. I don’t have acrylic nails (all about the gel, y’all), but acrylics take me back to my high school prom days.


A great panel of hair dressers from this morning. Loved the knowledge they shared and each of their personalities were hilarious.


Just a pedicure chair that is covered in Swarovski Crystals and costs $40,000. Luxury at it’s finest.

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My Go-To Products Just In Time For Summer

Oh hello there! Sorry for the break, y’all, but in turn it was much needed. I’ve been a little overwhelmed with social media and just this little thing called life. Taking time to spend more time with family and friends and to live more in the present will do the mind and body some good, I tell ya. Now I’m back and ready to take on this beauty world.

It’s summertime and I couldn’t be happier. This hot weather is what dreams are made of, except for, of course, the lovebugs, boob sweat, and upping the daily shower count. Living in Florida, it’s hard to decipher the seasons, but the established time between kids graduating and the commencing of school, it’s on.

During the Summer my whole skin, makeup, and hair routines change completely. Less is more without compromising a good, and yet descent, look. I love my full coverage foundation, but with the fiery temps, it’s hard to pull off. Adding sunscreen,  primer, and setting spray is ALWAYS a must for these hot days ahead. A girl has to do what a girl has to do to keep her face glued and fresh all day. Between skin and makeup, I try to prep for what my daily routine will look like. My use of retinol products goes down as my sunscreen use sky rockets. My use of bold eye makeup goes down as my love for glowy highlight appears. You see where I’m going with this.

Here are a few products I love to use for Summer and a few that I use to prep my skin for the rising heat.


I started using this Skinceuticals Retinol cream a few months ago in prep for Summer. I have always had trouble with sun spots and texture, as I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about. This cream has helped me in so many ways. It has helped resurface my skin and lighten and brighten. I went for the highest strength just really get the ball rolling. It makes my skin peel off in small sheets which I find oddly satisfying. I found that some retin-a and lightening creams weren’t working hard enough so to speak. Once I started using this once a week (because any more than that and your face is as raw as a piece of chicken), it changed the lightening, brightening game.

tarte sunscreen

Summer is all about the sun which also means it’s all about sun protection. I am a huge stickler about my sunscreen use. Why do all these peels and retinol treatments to just ruin it? Seriously! This TarteGuard 30 SPF is a great option for my face. It doesn’t break me out which is super important as I have very sensitive skin. It also doesn’t dry my skin out after daily use and isn’t greasy with that white sheen either. I like to add an extra amount of this sunscreen to my makeup application so I know I have a substantial amount on for the day. I will even reapply throughout the day with my favorite sunscreen powder (that is every girls must have item in their purse or beach bag right now!).

becca primer

I’m a sweater. And with this comes pure glue to help keep my face on in this Florida heat. This Becca Ever-Matte primer is just that. It preps for my foundation to adhere to my skin and not budge without getting weird and cakey from my morning application. A little does the trick and actually works with my makeup instead of drying me out during the Summer months.

PTR CC Cream

I’ve been wearing this Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream for years! I turned one of my girlfriend’s on to it years ago as well and she still talks about it. It’s one of my absolute favorites and lives up to all of my expectations when I switch my foundation for the Summer. It’s a buildable coverage, but the consistency is so good a little goes a long way. It helps make my skin look fresh and plump with the added vitamin C and hyaluronic acid as well as helping me stay protected with SPF 30 in case I forget.  It’s truly an All-In-One foundation. I use shade medium for when I have a little more tan to my skin.


A cheek stain comes in handy when your face is melting off. I discovered this from a celebrity makeup artist at The Makeup Show Orlando. He talked about how using powder blush is hard to make it look one with the skin and a cheek stain is the new thing. I usually beg to differ as I am in love with my NARS Mata Hari blush, but when it’s blazing outside and I want that glow from within look, I turn to this cheek stain by Tarte. Blending a touch of this on my cheeks helps bring out the true rosiness into my face without looking powdery. It stays all day and I don’t have to reapply which is, honestly, the last thing I want to do when I’m a busy bee.

LM highlight

Gurl, I love me some highlighter. Not like, a lot, but just enough that you look like a natural, glistening goddess when the sun hits the perfect points of your face. Man, I just got all excited in case you missed all of that detailed information. But seriously, when you find the perfect highlight, it’s hard to turn back. This Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact in Natural Finish is *insert thumbs up emoji*. This powder is beyond super fine and goes on smooth and looks one with your cheek bones. A little goes a long way with highlight for me, so I just do enough to see a hint of shimmer and I’m golden. Literally.



Feelin’ Blue



Well, hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and friends. Jeff and I had a rather full weekend including a Garth Brooks concert. Whaaat?! Yup. Even though I am still trying to catch up on my Z’s, I wouldn’t have changed this weekend with my favorite people for the world!

I don’t know about you, but I am excited for Summer to get here. The warmer weather, the fewer clothes, the bright colors…READY. I’m also excited for all the Summer season makeup and hair. Yes, this may sound crazy, but I have a whole different routine when the months get stifling here in Florida.

I have to completely change my daily makeup routine when the temperatures rise. Sunscreen is used on the daily, the foundation is darker, and primer is a must. I also, find myself getting creative with my eye makeup during these months. Of course, it is a lighter eye makeup application, but I love using fun colors and shimmers a little more. Why the heck not?

In anticipation for the Summer season, I came up with this look using the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eyeliner in Out Of The Blue. Its a matte cobalt color that I’ve come to love to add a subtle pop to my eyes. I start with a basic clean eye and add a nude toned eye shadow (like this one) along with an inner corner highlight (like this one) to keep the eye looking bright and smooth. I start to line the top lash line with the blue liner. I then use a thin slanted brush and add a little gel liner from the pencil to it to get a precise wing on the outer corner of the eye. I have to add my favorite Makeup ForEver Aqua XL liner (it’s waterproof and doesn’t budge all day) to the inner lash line to deepen the look of the lashes. I then apply a few layers of Urban Decay Perversion mascara on top and bottom and my eyes are complete. This is a fabulous way to incorporate color without the total commitment. Perfect for the woman who owns more black clothing than a black cat. Or pretty darn close to it.



Top Friday Faves: Black Eyeliner



I am a black eyeliner kinda gal. Always have been, always will. One time, I can specifically remember sneaking black eyeliner into my moms shopping cart, because I HAAAD to have it. Luckily, it got mixed in with other items on the checkout belt that we were buying. She didn’t notice and the rest is history.

There’s something about black eyeliner that makes a woman feel a certain way. For me, it boosts my confidence even on the lowest of days and gives my eyes the sultry, sexiness they need. Most clients of mine request black eyeliner in some form or another for their makeup look, to feel their very best.

There are so many black liners on the market these days, how do we choose the best brand, type, consistency for us? From pencils to gels to liquids, there’s something for everyone and everyone has their preference. I, personally, love using different types of eyeliners on the daily. Yes, this sounds crazy. Why not just choose one great eyeliner for everything and be done? Well, to me its not that simple. I feel like to each their own on this one, but I definitely NEED different types to get my makeup to stay through the day.

I first apply a waterproof eyeliner pencil to the waterline of the eye. This way, I have liner all day without budge and it helps define my lash line a little more. I then apply a gel liner with a thin, slanted brush to the top lash line and extend it to create a wing on the outer corner. I find that using a gel liner helps the product glide on with ease. A lot of women are intimidated with this technique, but I find it to be so easy and customizable. And, if it is uneven on one side, just take a bit of concealer and correct it rather than starting over. To finish off the liner portion of my look and make it more dramatic, I’ll go over the gel with a liquid line to intensify the black liner and help it really stand out. Liquid liner is unbelievably hard to handle, so this step helps control it better.

From top to bottom, these are my favorite black eyeliners right now:

  1. MAC Cosmetics Fluidline in Blacktrack– This is my favorite gel liner! It glides on smooth with a thin brush and stays all day. I love the consistency of the product and, honestly, I couldn’t tell you how many jars I’ve bought in my life. It’s that good!
  2. Sephora Collection Stylographic Fine Line liquid liner– I love using this over top of my gel liner. It’s a super thin felt brush that goes on smooth and not messy to intensify any eyeliner. I love this when I’m wanting to really glam up my eyes.
  3. Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel liner– This is a great eye liner when you love a gel consistency. It glides on with intense color and stays for 12-hours. I like to throw this on when I’m in a rush and don’t have time for my fluidine. I also love the fun colors it comes in. I love to get funky with the Out Of The Blue color which will be in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!
  4. Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof eyeliner– I recently picked this up when i was doing a quick makeup run and already I love it. It has a creamy texture that you can apply it super precise or use the sponge on the end to create a smudged, dramatic look. I love how it really stays till I remove my makeup at the end of the day.
  5. Makeup ForEver Aqua XL eyeliner– This is my go-to when I apply black eyeliner to my waterline. I have had a hard time finding an eyeliner that won’t get weird and start moving throughout the day until I found this one. It’s waterproof, which helps, and goes on clean and literally stays all day. I have also bought this one a few times and it is definitely a staple in any makeup bag.
  6. Sephora Collection Glide Liner– I’ve used this to the last drop. This liner gives a an awesome smoky eye look. It’s easy to smudge and stays when set. I wouldn’t try to get too precise as it’s a little difficult, but for the waterline and a dramatic look, this is your perfect eyeliner.


What are your favorite black eyeliners you can’t live without?