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My Go-To Products Just In Time For Summer

Oh hello there! Sorry for the break, y’all, but in turn it was much needed. I’ve been a little overwhelmed with social media and just this little thing called life. Taking time to spend more time with family and friends and to live more in the present will do the mind and body some good, I tell ya. Now I’m back and ready to take on this beauty world.

It’s summertime and I couldn’t be happier. This hot weather is what dreams are made of, except for, of course, the lovebugs, boob sweat, and upping the daily shower count. Living in Florida, it’s hard to decipher the seasons, but the established time between kids graduating and the commencing of school, it’s on.

During the Summer my whole skin, makeup, and hair routines change completely. Less is more without compromising a good, and yet descent, look. I love my full coverage foundation, but with the fiery temps, it’s hard to pull off. Adding sunscreen,  primer, and setting spray is ALWAYS a must for these hot days ahead. A girl has to do what a girl has to do to keep her face glued and fresh all day. Between skin and makeup, I try to prep for what my daily routine will look like. My use of retinol products goes down as my sunscreen use sky rockets. My use of bold eye makeup goes down as my love for glowy highlight appears. You see where I’m going with this.

Here are a few products I love to use for Summer and a few that I use to prep my skin for the rising heat.


I started using this Skinceuticals Retinol cream a few months ago in prep for Summer. I have always had trouble with sun spots and texture, as I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about. This cream has helped me in so many ways. It has helped resurface my skin and lighten and brighten. I went for the highest strength just really get the ball rolling. It makes my skin peel off in small sheets which I find oddly satisfying. I found that some retin-a and lightening creams weren’t working hard enough so to speak. Once I started using this once a week (because any more than that and your face is as raw as a piece of chicken), it changed the lightening, brightening game.

tarte sunscreen

Summer is all about the sun which also means it’s all about sun protection. I am a huge stickler about my sunscreen use. Why do all these peels and retinol treatments to just ruin it? Seriously! This TarteGuard 30 SPF is a great option for my face. It doesn’t break me out which is super important as I have very sensitive skin. It also doesn’t dry my skin out after daily use and isn’t greasy with that white sheen either. I like to add an extra amount of this sunscreen to my makeup application so I know I have a substantial amount on for the day. I will even reapply throughout the day with my favorite sunscreen powder (that is every girls must have item in their purse or beach bag right now!).

becca primer

I’m a sweater. And with this comes pure glue to help keep my face on in this Florida heat. This Becca Ever-Matte primer is just that. It preps for my foundation to adhere to my skin and not budge without getting weird and cakey from my morning application. A little does the trick and actually works with my makeup instead of drying me out during the Summer months.

PTR CC Cream

I’ve been wearing this Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream for years! I turned one of my girlfriend’s on to it years ago as well and she still talks about it. It’s one of my absolute favorites and lives up to all of my expectations when I switch my foundation for the Summer. It’s a buildable coverage, but the consistency is so good a little goes a long way. It helps make my skin look fresh and plump with the added vitamin C and hyaluronic acid as well as helping me stay protected with SPF 30 in case I forget.  It’s truly an All-In-One foundation. I use shade medium for when I have a little more tan to my skin.


A cheek stain comes in handy when your face is melting off. I discovered this from a celebrity makeup artist at The Makeup Show Orlando. He talked about how using powder blush is hard to make it look one with the skin and a cheek stain is the new thing. I usually beg to differ as I am in love with my NARS Mata Hari blush, but when it’s blazing outside and I want that glow from within look, I turn to this cheek stain by Tarte. Blending a touch of this on my cheeks helps bring out the true rosiness into my face without looking powdery. It stays all day and I don’t have to reapply which is, honestly, the last thing I want to do when I’m a busy bee.

LM highlight

Gurl, I love me some highlighter. Not like, a lot, but just enough that you look like a natural, glistening goddess when the sun hits the perfect points of your face. Man, I just got all excited in case you missed all of that detailed information. But seriously, when you find the perfect highlight, it’s hard to turn back. This Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact in Natural Finish is *insert thumbs up emoji*. This powder is beyond super fine and goes on smooth and looks one with your cheek bones. A little goes a long way with highlight for me, so I just do enough to see a hint of shimmer and I’m golden. Literally.



Charcoal Powder Teeth Whitening: My Thoughts


For years, and I mean years, I have had the hardest time whitening my teeth. I have tried every teeth whitening tool on the market with no avail. From strips to trays… Nothing.

To make matters worse, I have been told by dentists over the years of my teeth sensitivity and root exposure on my teeth. I figured no pain no gain (beauty is pain, amiright?), but the pain excelled more and more over the years and trying to whiten my teeth was a nightmare. I eventually gave up as it was just too painful.

Until, I started doing a little research about this charcoal powder that was being used for teeth whitening. I thought it was a fad that would soon die, but as the years went it on, it stuck. I didn’t believe it could actually work. A powder that turns your mouth blue, with zero pain or irritation and with regular use it whitens your teeth?? You lie. But of course, I couldn’t help myself and ended up ordering a jar.

I have to say, this stuff is pretty amazing. Yes, it is messy and turns everything in your sink black and be careful not to get it everywhere, but the pros outweigh the cons. I bought the Active Wow Charcoal Powder brand and I really like it. When used regularly, your teeth are whiter and feel healthier. I like to have a glass of red wine here and there, mostly here, ha, so after using for just two weeks, at night, I noticed a difference. Another pro, it’s made with coconut oil, and the combo with charcoal detoxifies your mouth without harming your teeth enamel. Did I mention it’s made in the USA as well?!

I definitely suggest this for those with teeth sensitivity as an alternative for teeth whitening. The gels and trays are a thing of the past for me.



Disclosure: I have no affiliation with this company or any of its products. I have used these products and just really enjoy them and highly recommend them to clients.



The VI Peel Precision Plus: My Thoughts

A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and decided to do the VI Peel Precision Plus. I am no virgin to this peel as I did a series of the original VI Peel’s before my wedding last year, and absolutely loved my results. The peel helps with texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and helps lift the melasma or hyper-pigmentation you may have. I ended up doing three peels (one a month for three months) and all I can say is my skin literally never looked better and I felt super confident about my skin walking down the aisle.

I have done a few laser treatments in the past and to be honest, I’d take a peel any day over it. Laser is one of those things, I feel, you’re either really into it or you’re just really not. You have to literally plan to not leave your house, prepare to look like a moon pie, and have your face completely shed off in a horror film type of way. Yes, your skin looks totally amazing after, but unless your a “real housewife”, who has time for this?

The VI Peel Precision Plus is the exact opposite. Yes, you still have a peeling moment, but it’s doable. Trust me! It’s less invasive where you aren’t quarantined to your residence, there’s zero swelling, AND the peeling happens super slow, but it’s nothing anyone can’t handle. Not to mention, if you do the peel on a Thursday, it’s perfect timing to peel over the weekend and no one knows! This time, I chose to do a step up from the original VI Peel to the VI Peel Precision Plus to really get in to the skin and help with pull my stubborn hyper-pigmentation to the surface to slough off.


I love the way my skin feels after these peels. The texture is more even, my laugh lines are smoother, and my sun spots are a touch lighter. My makeup goes on and doesn’t settle into my lines, that my sister loves to point out, which I have always despised. The only thing I wish this peel helped more with is my hyper-pigmentation. It is beyond stubborn and takes more than one peel to help combat it, but I’m not mad about having to do multiple peels.







I highly recommend this type of peel for anyone looking for a less invasive way to boost their skin needs and give them that little bit of confidence they’re wanting. All of these opinions are completely my own and I am not being compensated for any of these comments. I just really believe in this peel, y’all!

Top Faves Friday: Facial Sunscreen


It’s Fri-Yay! I don’t know ’bout y’all, but it’s been A WEEK! Imma be having a glass or four of wine tonight.

I use a ton of products on the daily. There’s something for everything nowadays so how do we choose what’s right for us?? Hmmm, good question!  Every Friday, I am going to showcase products and give you my honest truth. From mascara to hairspray to moisturizer, I’m going to narrow down my favorites, why I love them, why I don’t, and try and give you some insight if they may be your perfect match.

I can’t talk about the importance of sunscreen enough. Whether it’s bright and sunny or gloomy and overcast, I’ve got by block on. Living in Florida will do that to you. I’ve also had a few scares with skin cancer, so I definitely am not taking any chances. Makeup and skincare brands have made it beyond easy to choose the right sunscreen for you and your skincare needs. There are zero excuses nowadays!

These are a few of my favorite sunscreens that I can’t live without. Start lathering up, ladies!



L to R:

Tarte Tarteguard Sunscreen Lotion SPF30– I like to use a higher SPF so this one is great for those hot Summer months. I love that it is hypoallergenic and moisturizing so it isn’t going to break my skin out after a long day of wear. The texture is a bit greasy for my taste, but the protection is where it’s at, especially when I’m in the sun all day. It’s also vegan and paraben free!

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF40– This stuff has changed everything about mixing sunscreen with makeup. I apply this in the morning under my makeup and I love the matte texture because it almost acts like a primer. It doesn’t affect my makeup and I know I have the protection of SPF40 all day long. Win, Win.

Sun Bum Zinc Oxide SPF50– When I’m laying oceanside or playing caddy to my husbands golf game, I always keep this in my bag. It goes on smoothly and blends into the skin without any white residue. It also contains aloe and vitamin E, great for those with sensitive skin. My husband also keeps this on hand for when he’s out surfing!

Tarte Tarteguard Mineral Powder Sunscreen SPF30– This is the easiest sunscreen to keep on hand! If I forget to add sunscreen in the morning, I just reach for this in my purse and apply a quick layer. You just click the bottom and start fluffing away! I apply to my face and chest a few times a day to make sure I’m getting the adequate amount of protection. The only con, if you do end up taking pictures after applying, it does create a white sheen to the face.

Skinceuticals Physical Matte UV Defense– This is also another matte sunscreen that I use often. It works great alone or under makeup for added protection. I do find that it makes my skin a little oilier, but I add a little translucent powder over top to keep my skin matte. I am a big fan of the Skinceuticals brand and all the products I have purchased I’ve really enjoyed.


What are your sunscreen go-to’s??