The Pink Eyeliner That Will Change Your Makeup Game

I hope y’all had a great weekend! The hubs and I finally started packing up our apartment to move into our new home in Orlando! We’ve grown to love the big city of Orlando over the last year and all it offers (including great restaurants; we’re total foodies!). It’s been a long time coming and we’re so excited!

I recently have been in a makeup rut. I’ve been go go go lately (new house, crazy work schedule, etc) and, to me, I tend to do more simple makeup as the weather is stifling here in the Summer. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure this is the hottest Summer thus far. So, to give my eyes a little pizazz, I decided to use a colorful eyeliner. I love using a product as simple as an eyeliner to give my makeup a whole new vibe.

I recently picked up the new Make Up For Ever Artist pencil in a hot pink color and fell in love. These pencils can be used for eyes, lips, and brows however you see fit. They’re creamy and glide on super easy that it literally took me two minutes to do my eye makeup. Who doesn’t love that?! The strip of hot pink across the lash line was subtle yet impressive. Women were so intrigued and I received so many thoughtful comments. It totally inspired me and made my day.

What’re some ways you spice up your makeup??